Covenant Life

God’s greatest gift to us is life. His second greatest gift is His covenant. Covenant is conferred upon us by God and must be received by us to be activated. It is His blueprint for how we are to live the only life we are designed for. You experience Covenant Life when the life you live is not your own, but Christ living through you. Covenant Life is ultimate life!

Part 33: The Tree of Life (Wisdom)

Part 32: Obedience Brings Life

Part 31: God-Rules Man

Part 30: God-Ruled Children

Part 29: A God-Ruled Life

Part 28: The Glory of God-Rule

Part 27: Living the Glory

Part 26: Divine Alignment Brings Glory

Part 25: Bringing His Glory Back to America

Part 24: Cleansing Your House

Part 23: His Glory on Your House

Part 22: His Glory On Your House

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Part 21: His Glory On Your House

Part 20: Prepared for Glory

Part 19: Fruit of Glory

Part 18: The Spirit of Glory

Part 17: Inherited Glory

Part 16: Transformed By Glory

Part 15: Experiencing His Glory

Part 14: Pursuing His Presence

Part 13: Power of His Presence

Part 12: Adjust Your Walk

Part 11: A Walk in His Presence

Part 10: A Covenant Walk

Part 9: A Walk With God

Part 8: Experiencing Rest

Part 7: A Trusted Life

Part 6: The Exchanged Life

Part 5: Surrendered

Part 4: God-Possessed

Part 3: A Covenant Identity

Part 2: A Covenant People

Part 1: Favor of Covenant

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