Why Jesus? He is Grace and Peace

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“Paul, an apostle (special messenger) of Christ Jesus (the Messiah), by the will of God, and Timothy [our] brother, to the saints (the consecrated people of God) and believing and faithful brethren in Christ who are at Colossae: Grace (spiritual favor and blessing) to you and [heart] peace from God our Father.” Colossians 1:1-2 (AMPC)

Grace is such a gentle word – soft, pleasing, comforting and produces great peace. Grace is the spiritual vision God grants to those who dare to continually behold His face as He transforms them into His image.

“And all of us, as with unveiled face, [because we] continued to behold [in the Word of God] as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are constantly being transfigured into His very own image…”  II Corinthians 3:18 (AMPC)  

Grace comes by beholding – face to face – God in all His glory. As you behold Him you come to know Him at a deeper, more intimate level. Just as our physical eyes do not reach out to an object, but the light from that object reaches into our eyes, so we cannot reach out to lay hold of grace.

 “But Noah found grace (favor) in the eyes of the Lord.... Noah was a just and righteous man, blameless in his [evil] generation; Noah walked [in habitual fellowship] with God ." Genesis 6:8-9 (AMPC)

“Blameless” means “complete” lacking nothing, thoroughly furnished to walk uprightly before God in the midst of a wicked and perverse world.

Grace is a manifestation of God’s nature into my life. It is divine resources freely placed at man’s disposal. It is eternal energy flowing into temporal creatures.

Why Jesus? Because man cannot live as God intends without His grace.

 "Jesus lived among us full of grace and truth."  John 1:14

Grace is received – Romans 1:15 – “It is by Him that we have received grace.”
Grace is a gift – Romans 12:3 – “For by the grace given to me…”
Grace is accessible – Romans 5:2 – “Through Him we have access, by faith into this grace…”
Grace is strength – II Timothy 2:1 – “So you, my son, be strong (strengthened inwardly) in the grace that is (to be found only) in Christ Jesus.”
Grace can be increased – II Peter 1:2 – “May grace and peace be multiplied to you…”
Grace is God’s throne – Hebrews 4:16 – “Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace…”
Grace establishes us – Hebrews 13:9 – “…For it is good for the heart to be established and enabled and strengthened by means of grace.”

Peace is a progressive outgrowth of grace. It paves the way for peace. Jesus is the boss of peace and rules over it.

His peace brings wholeness, wellness, to our entire being – spirit, soul and body.
As a result of our relationship with Jesus (who is our peace) we remain calm in the midst of turmoil and strife.

Peace is the harmonized relationship between us and God which has been made available through the cross of Jesus, and the sense of rest and contentment that results from such reconciled relationships.

In Romans 5:1 we have peace with God.
In Colossians 3:15 we have the peace of God.
In Colossians 1:2 we have peace from God.

“And God’s peace which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:7 (AMPC)

“We are hedged in (pressed) on every side [troubled and oppressed in every way], but not cramped or crushed; we suffer embarrassments and are perplexed and unable to find a way out, but not driven to despair; we are pursued (persecuted and hard driven), but not deserted [to stand alone]; we are struck down to the ground, but never struck out and destroyed.” II Corinthians 4:8-9 (AMPC)

Discussion Questions:
1. Do you see yourself as God see you?
2. Do you feel peace above you, within you, and around you?
3. What is the depth of intimacy you have in Jesus in order to have that same measure of His peace in your life?

Prayer Focus
That God's divine defense will be around me as I am surrounded by the pressure of everyday life and that His peace will protect me.

Next Steps
1) Handout the "Why Jesus? The Question of the Season" invite cards, share it on social media platforms and invite your friends.
2) Invite your family to the Christmas Services Saturday, December 21st @ 6pm & Sunday, December 22nd, @ 9 & 11am, and Christmas Eve, December 24th @ 5pm & 6:30 pm.

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